This blog comes from Nicola Hogan, Sustainability Manager at King’s.

Earlier this week King’s became re-accredited on the ISO140001:2015 EMS external audit for 2020.

This year, because of the pandemic, the audit was split into two stages – the first stage being carried out in April online via Teams meetings and by emailing requested documentation to the auditor.

The second stage was conducted outdoors at The Denmark Hill campus and the JCMB at Waterloo Campus.

At both locations, external areas of buildings were audited for general tidiness of waste areas and housekeeping, as well as each of the sites plant rooms and lighting systems.

Overall, our score was just a few OFI’s (Opportunity for Improvements) – mainly relating to waste and tidiness etc, with no minor or major non-conformance’s.

The Sustainability Team are very pleased with the score and the auditor has recommended continued accreditation of the standard to King’s.

The next audit will take place from April 12th to 15th 2021 when the Waterloo Bridge Campus and Maughan Library at Strand Campus will be audited.