King’s College London manages a variety of laboratories conducting world class research across its campuses. A laboratory will consume 3-5 times more energy per m2 than normal academic spaces. Thus in line with the goal to achieve a 43% carbon reduction by 2020 (compared to the 2005-06 baseline), laboratories must be included in this initiative. Kings is focused on reducing the environmental impact of its research while simultaneously improving its research environment.4528869007_4484c3d401_b

Tytus Murphy currently leads the Sustainable Labs work and has managed, together with Martin Farley, a host of replicable improvement projects. Read about them here. King’s has joined surrounding London universities in an effort to expand its impacts, such as negotiating for more efficient scientific equipment in tandem with UCL.

While much has been done, there is plenty more to do. If you have any ideas, queries, or want to get involved with this growing area of sustainability or the ongoing laboratory awards, please contact Martin Farley or the Sustainability Team. In the meantime, we have uploaded resources and more information on Sustainable Labs, to get you inspired!