King’s is working hard at becoming a more sustainable institution. The Sustainability team has grown rapidly and is working at drafting new strategies and policies for the university. There are ambitious goals, such as reducing our carbon emissions 43% by 2020 (from a 2005-06 baseline), which we are pursuing through an array of means including increased monitoring and efficiency. Staff and students also have a role to play as their actions on campus have an impact. These tips are meant to encourage you to contribute to King’s sustainability and to help you understand what sustainable options are available.


  • Turn off your computers and monitors when they’re not in use, along with lights and other appliances. Our 2015/16 Student Switch-Off event reduced energy use by £15,000 by simply switching off your lights and putting a lid on your pan.
  • Take advantage of the university’s cycle-to-work scheme and sign up to the Bicycle Users Group for support and advice. There is also a KCL Bike Club. King’s has more than 600 bicycle parking spaces, including secure parking at Strand, Guy’s and Denmark Hill (these campuses have showers as well). Check out the advice page.
  • You can also easily walk between campuses (even Strand to Denmark Hill is only 3.5 miles). This is much more scenic than cramming into the tube!
  • Get a keep-cup and a re-useable water bottle. This can get you a discount on your morning cuppa from King’s cafes, and there are water re-fill stations located throughout the campuses.
  • There are now vegan food and drink options at the Waterfront bar on Strand. Students will soon have the opportunity to join an Ethical Food and Fairtrade Steering Group to affect greater change! Get in touch if you want to be involved.
  • Interested in sustainability in education? The HEA and NUS found that 80% of students believe UK universities should be incorporating and promoting sustainable development. See here for some sustainability-related course options at King’s.
  • Notice any problems, like for example a leaking tap? Report them to Estates & Facilities at!
  • Check out the Get Involved page for information on how to participate directly in sustainability initiatives at King’s – this is the biggest way to make a difference!