Following on from a Hackathon in February ‘21, a Listening Campaign in Summer ‘21, and work done by the Students and Education group of the Climate Action Network, King’s Sustainability Team launched the KEATS Sustainability & Climate: Learn, Discover, Take Action module in 2021. 

This module is a fully co-created, open-access and interdisciplinary module covering the biggest topics in sustainability from climate change and food to sustainable finance and social justice. 16 students, alumni, academics, and professional services staff have developed the module across its pilot year in 2021/22 and over summer ‘22 another 46 members joined the team to improve and expand the module. It is a module which has been designed by the King’s community, for the King’s community.  

The key aim of the module is not just to equip participants with sustainability knowledge, but for them to develop the agency to take action on the issues which most concern them. Despite it being online, the module has been created to be as interactive as possible by embedding Padlets, pledges and discussion forums throughout the course. It has been complemented by a Sustainability Seminar Series and other events to build a sense of community and support participants in developing transferable skills.    

The final deadline to complete the module is the 8th of March. Those who successfully complete it will be eligible for a King’s Experience Champion for Change Award. In order to receive this, they will have to pass the assessment which consists of a cover letter/ personal statement and a creative submission (to submit by the 3rd of April). This award includes a special certificate and a mention in students’ Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).  

Enrol on the module now

The module is coupled with a (hybrid) seminar series running from October ‘22 to June ‘23. This seminar series seeks to enhance the learning experience and broaden perspectives. People who are not part of the KEATS module are also welcome to attend these seminars. Register for the seminar series here.

Current estimated time to complete the module is 15 minutes per week. The seminar series runs roughly monthly, each session lasting around 90 minutes. 

KEATS module banner showing the different topics

What do last year’s participants say?

“I really enjoyed the sheer amount of information about various aspects of sustainability that I received from this module. It was different from anything else I am learning in my current modules, but it was definitely complementary to some of the content I am learning and has helped to give me a more interdisciplinary understanding of topics I am covering in other modules.”

“The module provided me with additional insights in the topic of sustainability, even though, or precisely because, I thought I already had a solid knowledge basis. Some of my – likely biased – thoughts or perceptions were challenged and I learned to appreciate the intersectionality of the effects of climate change as well as climate action and also its implications for mental health were very interesting to learn about.”

“The course taught me that sustainability effects not just what we eat or how we travel, but out economy, the way we relate to each other and businesses and essentially all parts of our daily lives, that we may otherwise take for granted.”