As well as improving sustainability within King’s College London, we are concerned about the wider social and economic impacts the university has on the world. As such, we are focusing on King’s contribution to achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These seventeen goals have been agreed by world leaders, after extended consultation with a host of people and organisations, to drive the global agenda to create a better world through to 2030. King’s College London is seeking to align its work against the SDGs to support the global effort to make a better world by 2030, and to publicise the university’s widespread contribution to society in London, in the UK, and the world at large.

Our Annual Environmental Sustainability Report links our targets and progress to the SDGs.

King’s takes part in the Times Higher Education Impact Ranking, which ranks universities for their contribution to the SDGs. King’s has been ranked in the top 20 each year. The full ranking can be found on the Times Higher Education website.

The Sustainability Team carried out a baseline survey to identify King’s contribution to the achievement of the SDGs through the research and teaching carried out at the university, as well as additional projects run by students and staff and the university as a whole to effect change both within campus and in the outside world. The results of the survey were released in the 2016/17 Environmental Sustainability Report. We aim to repeat the survey every two years, but this has been delayed due to a review of modules and programmes across the university. As part of the development of our Climate Action Strategy, we mapped climate and sustainability education, and we will be carrying out a more in-depth audit throughout 2021/22.

SDG Transparent