Why KCL? – Zhinan Zhang

So why study at KCL? No matter you’re a student looking for pre-professional experience or someone who is into academic research or field study. KCL is one of the most prestigious and flexible academic institution in the UK that will help you pursue what you are after.

Life in London – Zhinan Zhang

The residence hall I was assigned to is located at Stanford street, which is right in the Waterloo campus, as well as Southbank. This residence is, perhaps the most convenient one, as it is only minutes away from one of the most major train stations in London, Waterloo station.

My experience with War studies at KCL – Zhinan Zhang

Speaking of the academic benefit of studying at King’s, I have to mention the prestige of King’s College London.

Settling in to life at King’s – Zhinan Zhang

Looking back at my first couple of weeks at King’s was quite a refreshing experience. Coming from sunny Southern California, I was ready for the change of weather and people. My first impression of King’s is the friendliness of the study abroad advisors, this was set a tone of ease in my early few days …

The Heart of London – James Patterson

There is a cliche that sometimes you can’t see the elephant because you are standing too close to see the bigger picture, however that sentiment could not be more accurate in describing King’s College on the Strand. It was only until I started visiting other areas and places in London that I realized how central …