My experience with War studies at KCL – Zhinan Zhang

Speaking of the academic benefit of studying at King’s, I have to mention the prestige of King’s College London.

The courses I have taken on at KCL includes War studies and foreign languages. As an international relation major at my home university, War study is something that intrigues me, but I had no idea where even to start. At King’s, I was able to learn interesting topics like “Military strategy”,  “War and global conflict,” and “War and society.” The contents of the courses span from actual battlefield strategic planning, global war history, to war philosophy. I have sat in the classroom with my classmates listens to the experience of war from British war veterans. I have also learned a lot more about the conflicts in the Middle East from our Israeli professor. But comparing to all this, what I’ve gained the most is changing to a different way of thinking as a war study student, which is quite a refreshing experience for someone passionate about topics on International relations and human rights. In regards to the foreign language module, I was able to learn Japanese from the caring professor and speaking tutor from the modern language department, which boosted my confidence in speaking Japanese.

All in all, the academic experience at King’s was able to help me learn more about what I’m passionate about, from a completely different viewpoint. As an international relations major, looking at the world as a global citizen is what matters.

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