Life in London – Zhinan Zhang

The residence hall I was assigned to is located at Stanford street, which is right in the Waterloo campus, as well as Southbank. This residence is, perhaps the most convenient one, as it is only minutes away from one of the most major train stations in London, Waterloo station.

Just a few stops in the underground, I can transport myself to SOHO, Chinatown or I can take a day trip to many surrounding destinations of London directly from Waterloo! As a member of the LGBT and Asian community, I appreciate having these diverse communities right next to me, not only makes me feel like I’m a part of the city of London, the Asian food made me feel right at home even I am thousands of miles away from my real home. On the weekends, I always like to take a stroll in the park and hang out with my friends by having a picnic. Besides the famous Hyde Park and their beautiful swans, I recommend the Kyoto Garden located within Holland Park, and it is such a hidden gem of London! There are friendly squirrels and peacocks in the traditional Japanese garden waiting for you to snap the photo.

In terms of food, London offers such a diverse range of options, a good steak from the flatiron, to aromatic curry in Dishoom, London did not disappoint a foodie like me. Next to the Waterloo campus, I recommend studying at the Zen Cafe near the London eye, and it is a quaint Japanese cafe perfect for studying, especially during exam period where all the libraries are so crowded. As a conclusion, London is an ideal city to live, study or work, as it offers you a feeling of home away from home, that no other cities could replace.


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