How Many Chuggas Before Choo Choo?: Travelling America by Train – Victoria Baines

Following the end of my course at UC Berkeley, my visa allowed me a month-long grace period to leave the USA. I knew immediately that I wanted to take advantage of that month to travel. All my friends were either going home or travelling with parents meaning I would have a happy few weeks of exploring America by myself. However, on my limited budget, getting a flight every few days would be impossible, and being unable to drive, a road trip was obviously out of the question. So, to the shock of all my American friends, I decided to travel by train.

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University of San Diego, Parisa Ahmadian, 2014-2015

Top Ten Things

1) The Campus

Set atop a hill looking down on San Diego, it’s one of the most beautiful campuses in the US (don’t take my word for it – There is Spanish architecture running throughout the whole campus, and the university gardens and flowers are always perfect. Other than being aesthetically pleasing, the campus also has so many student facilities. The best one would probably be the outdoor pool and sunbeds around it, followed by the soccer, football, basketball and baseball fields where students go to watch games all the time – there’s a huge university spirit. The view of the bay and the ocean from the Garden of the Sea behind the IPJ building is spectacular, a great place to go to study if you’re bored of the library.

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