Fun and traditional…did you say festivals? -Mathilde Aupetit

With around 200 000 festivals each year, including 33 festivals now belonging to UNESCO World Heritage, Japanese festivals have become a national and worldwide institution. And yet, they are said to be struggling and progressively disappearing because of a growing disinterest from the younger generation, according to a study produced by The Japan Times in January 2018. Continue reading “Fun and traditional…did you say festivals? -Mathilde Aupetit”

The King of my Heart – Jayne Ong Zu Hua

A semester of study abroad at King’s College London was an easy choice for me. The stories shared by my brother about studying in London, coupled with the testimonials by my friends about King’s College London in particular had me sold. Thus when I was presented with the opportunity to have my exchange at KCL, I immediately said yes and have no regrets about it.

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