Anishaa Aubeeluck, 2014-2015, Porta Westfalica, North Rheine-Westphalia, Germany

What do you study at King’s?

German BA

Where did you teach as an ELA?

Porta Westfalica, North Rheine-Westphalia

Why did you choose the ELA Scheme?

For me personally, the decision to study abroad or teach English as an English Language Assistant was not difficult at all; I wanted a refreshing break from studying. After two years of study at King’s, and knowing that I would have to come back for fourth year, the decision was pretty easy! I also wanted to gain some valuable work experience for the future. I was swayed by the fact that the ELA is basically a paid work placement, working minimal hours a week (I worked 12); which meant that I would have a lot of time to travel. This sounds strange, but I was not very confident in front of large groups before my year abroad, and I wanted to also challenge myself to see if I could develop self-confidence. I have never wanted to be a teacher, (even though I am asked that question A LOT!) but why not do something that gives you an experience that you wouldn’t normally be able to do?

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Danielle Moore, 2015-2016 in Oviedo, Spain

What do you study at King’s? 

Hispanic Studies with English BA

Why did you choose the ELA scheme?

– I jumped at the opportunity to be able to be able to spend a year gaining international work experience at the same time as honing my Spanish speaking skills. Whilst I’m sure I would have also loved spending my days socialising in a university setting and expanding my academic knowledge, I liked the idea of developing my language skills in a professional environment as well as finding out what it’s like to be a teacher.

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Henry Ravenhall, 2013-2014 in Pau, Bordeaux, France

What do you study at King’s?
French and History BA

Describe your teaching and learning experience
I was working in three collèges (11-15) in a small city in the southwest of France. I taught a variety of classes across all the ages, however I mostly taught quatrième and troisième — the oldest year groups of the collège. I really enjoyed teaching these lessons and I was given a lot of freedom in what I could teach to which students. Unless the teacher told me beforehand that he/she wanted me to tackle a certain subject, I was able to design my lessons with total autonomy.

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