Farewell from the Peer Advisors

The 2022-23 Peer Advisors end their roles with us this week. On their behalf, Conor has written a ‘goodbye’ post. We in Global Mobility thank them for their work and will miss them!

In the blink of an eye, the end of the academic year is upon us. Exams begin in the upcoming weeks and the summer sunshine has returned (or at least, it has in theory but not always in reality! The joys of UK weather). All of this means that our time as Peer Advisors with the Global Mobility Office is also drawing to a close. Before we finish, however, we thought it would be appropriate to offer an insight into what we have taken away from this year and the many things we have learned through our time working in the office.

The first thing to point out is that no job would be even half as fun without the work colleagues who brighten up a dark and wintry Monday morning. The Global Mobility Office is no different. Each and every member of staff has an interesting story to tell to make you smile, is on hand to make a coffee when it is most needed, or is just there to seek advice from when things aren’t going your way (in my case, most frequently with regards to the technology aspect of the job!).

Working in the Global Mobility Office has been a learning curve for each of us and has given us an insight into not only the work of this particular office but also the working world generally. We have all come to understand the significance of the work that is done here; work which affords King’s students an unrivalled opportunity to study in foreign destinations all over the globe and equally gives students from all over the globe that same opportunity to study here in London. Additionally, Peer Advisors were given the responsibility of completing tasks that affect the nature of a student’s study abroad period, such as assisting incoming students with their timetabling queries, producing a podcast to discuss concerns students may have, writing promotional Instagram posts about some of the fantastic universities King’s is partnered with, reviewing students’ study abroad applications and so much more. All of this, we sincerely hope, has benefitted a great many students, and this work will continue in the coming years when new Peer Advisors take up their roles.

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The Hidden Gems of London

Are you studying in London already? Or just dreaming about when you join us? Peer Advisor Emily has sourced some unusual and fun activities you can check out while you’re here.

London is full of impressive landmarks. The London Eye, the Shard, and the Houses of Parliament, to name a few. They will surely be at the top of your list of places to see whilst you’re here, as they should be. However, if you’re looking for something else, something a little less predictable, I’ve compiled a list of some of the quirkier places worth visiting. The hidden gems of London, if you will!

  1. Have tea in Java Whiskers Cat Café in Marylebone

What better way to soak up London’s incredible café culture than to enjoy a cuppa alongside some adorable feline friends? Cat fans, step this way. The café offers a relaxed place to catch up with friends, study or unwind amongst the company of free-roaming cats. The Java Whiskers Café is also the only cat café in Europe with a kitten lounge if you need further persuasion. Be sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment, as they operate under a limited guest-per-hour system to preserve the relaxed atmosphere. As a massive cat fan, I visited Java Whiskers last year and absolutely loved it! They offer a delicious afternoon tea for a reasonable price if you want the ultimate cat café experience!

  1. Behind-the-scenes tour of London’s tube line

Ever wondered what things look like behind the scenes of London’s substantial underground tube system? Look no further! The London Transport Museum offers a range of exclusive behind-the-scenes tours for members of the public. Tour locations include Moorgate Station, Shepherds Bush, and Charing Cross. Concession prices are also available for students, so take advantage and see London from a different perspective.

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Meet Your Peer Advisors: Emilie

We’ve asked our 2022-23 Peer Advisors to say hello and share more about studying in London and abroad. Expect to hear more from them throughout the year!

Photo of Emilie in Berlin, in front of the Brandenburg Gate, blue skies above
Emilie in front of the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin


My name is Emilie, I’m one of the new Global Mobility Peer Advisers. I am a third-year student in International Relations at King’s. I’m half-French, half-Russian and grew up in Marseille in the south of France.

I spent my first year in London, my second year abroad in Hong Kong and last summer as an exchange student in Berlin. I absolutely LOVED it and would definitely recommend going abroad during your studies.  I had an amazing time, discovering new cities, meeting new friends and living life!

On exchange in Hong Kong

It is quite a challenging experience, taking us out of our comfort zone and throwing us into the unknown, but we end up learning so much more and come back with beautiful memories. There are a lot of ups and downs and many worries when it comes to moving to a whole new different country, and it is completely normal, so if you need any help or piece of advice, feel free to contact me!

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Meet Your Peer Advisors: Raza

We’ve asked our 2022-23 Peer Advisors to say hello and share more about studying in London and abroad. Expect to hear more from them throughout the year!

Selfie of Raza in a red top

Hello, my name’s Raza, and I am one of your Global Mobility Peer Advisors for the 2022/23 academic year! A little bit about me: I’m in my third year studying BA Social Sciences and for my study abroad experience I completed a semester at the National University of Singapore!

Prior to this experience I had never really travelled before, so I was excited but also a bit nervous. But I am so glad I went as I had the most fantastic time. From studying in a completely different academic environment to making new friends from all over the world, I have grown so much as a person and made the best memories along the way.

Photo of Raza on a rope bridge on a tropical beach, while on exchange in Singapore.
On exchange in Singapore.

Whether you’re an incoming or outgoing exchange student, as I have done the exchange process, I can understand how you’re feeling! Whilst it may feel scary, we are here to help in any way we can. I can’t wait for you to have the best time!

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Meet Your Peer Advisors: Conor

We’ve asked our 2022-23 Peer Advisors to say hello and share more about studying in London and abroad. Expect to hear more from them throughout the year!

Conor (tallest, in the middle) with his class, at The Hague

Hi! I’m Conor, one of your Global Mobility Peer Advisors here at King’s College London. I am currently a second year Law LLB student.

Over the course of summer 2022, I studied European Politics and Economics for two weeks at Utrecht University in the Netherlands as part of the King’s Global Summer Exchange Programme. I chose this course because the European Union is something that has always interested me, and this course allowed me to build upon the knowledge I had already acquired as part of my European Law module. The opportunity to study abroad was an absolutely fantastic one. Not only was I able to study a topic which fascinated me, I also met so many new people and made lifelong friends. Additionally, I had the chance to experience a different culture as well and have taken a love of cycling (of which they do quite a lot in Utrecht!) home with me.

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