A History student’s survival guide to the semester BEFORE your semester abroad – Sophie Roland

Hello fellow or prospective semester abroad students! My name is Sophie and I am a second year at King’s studying a BA in History. I am currently on my semester abroad at the University of Melbourne and am loving every second, but the journey to this point was not always smooth. Continue reading “A History student’s survival guide to the semester BEFORE your semester abroad – Sophie Roland”

Kaitlyn Mak, 2012-13 at University of Melbourne


There are generally three types of accommodations in Melbourne: residential colleges, private halls and housings, all have their advantages and are popular among the students.

Residential colleges

Residential colleges are part of/run by University of Melbourne and consist of 11 different halls; all vary in size and location, most of which located in an arc around the cricket oval at the northern edge of the campus, known as College Crescent. They are pretty much in the campus and generally are only 5-15 minutes of walking distance from classes depending on where your class takes place. The furthest college, Whitney College, is also only 15 minutes walking distance from Parkville campus.

Residential Colleges are the only type of accommodation in Melbourne that offers meal plan (catered). They offer three meals per day, with take-away lunch available if you are busy during lunchtime. Continue reading “Kaitlyn Mak, 2012-13 at University of Melbourne”

Abi Yates, 2013-14 at University of Melbourne

Top Ten Things

1) Food: As a bit of a food fanatic, I loved trying out all the different cafes and restaurants Melbourne had to offer and I was not disappointed! Some of my favourite places include: Toast, Errol Street, which does an amazing brunch and gave me a free cupcake on my birthday, Little Richards, next to RMIT village, where you can find great food at great prices with great staff, and Dumplings where $15 will get you all you can eat! The best meal to have in Melbourne is their speciality: the Parma. Breaded chicken topped with ham, tomato sauce and cheese, this dish is a must-have. I would recommend a visit to the Albion Hotel at Melbourne Docks, which offers different parma recipes so you can try a classic or mix it up with something a little different.

2) Festivals: The music scene in Australia is very underrated – not only does the country have its own talented musicians gigging around, including Chet Faker, Vance Joy and Flume, but there is also a long selection of festivals for all music tastes which have the reputation to pull major global artists. I attended: Continue reading “Abi Yates, 2013-14 at University of Melbourne”

University of Melbourne, Diana Jaganjac, 2015-2016


The University of Melbourne boasts 22 discipline-specific faculties with courses available in over 100 subjects. The university is also the number one research university in Australia and spends $850 million on research every year. If you decide to study abroad at the University of Melbourne you will most certainly be in with a chance of being part of this research. The vast availability of courses means that whatever academic discipline you desire to study, it is likely that you will find it at Melbourne.

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