Rohini Lakhani – Non-European European Studies

While the Erasmus programme is a unique and exciting experience for all, things can be bit more complicated when your link with Europe is a bit more obscure. Let me explain: I was born and raised in Hong Kong to Indian parents and then moved to London for my degree, which includes studying abroad in Madrid for a year. So whenever small-talk leads to the classic “where are you from?” question, you can see how a short answer isn’t always easy. In fact, my study-abroad experience has so far been defined by many “let me explain” situations, ranging from immigration dilemmas to social problemas, beginning even before landing at Barajas.

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Alexander Heeley, 2012-2013 at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Edith Baer grant recipient)

The money I received from the Edith Baer grant made a huge difference on my year abroad. Year abroad can be a very expensive year for a student, and makes certain aspirations a financial challenge, such as traveling around your destination country, as opposed to staying in the one host university city/town. However this grant enabled me to do the things that I wanted to do and see the things and places I wanted to see.

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Danielle Moore, 2015-2016 in Oviedo, Spain

What do you study at King’s? 

Hispanic Studies with English BA

Why did you choose the ELA scheme?

– I jumped at the opportunity to be able to be able to spend a year gaining international work experience at the same time as honing my Spanish speaking skills. Whilst I’m sure I would have also loved spending my days socialising in a university setting and expanding my academic knowledge, I liked the idea of developing my language skills in a professional environment as well as finding out what it’s like to be a teacher.

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Lily Scotcher, 2012-2013 at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain (Edith Baer grant recipient)

Studying Hispanic Studies at King’s College London meant I had the opportunity to spend my third year abroad in either Spain or Latin America and I opted for Barcelona as I liked the fact that it was still a large city like London, although slightly smaller and it also has a beach. I found it easy to adapt to Barcelona since it is a large cosmopolitan city like London, although slightly smaller. I was awarded the Edith Baer award to enrich my experience on my year abroad and I mostly put this towards travel within the region I was living in and the rest of Spain.

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