Studying abroad – Student testimonials from National University of Singapore

As part of our new blog series, we have compiled some testimonials from students about their experiences studying abroad and with the Global Mobility Office. The testimonials are sorted by region and cover a wide range of subjects, departments, and universities in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Oceania.

National University of Singapore – Singapore (Part 2)
















Student: Hanna 
Subject: Psychology

Hanna applied to NUS with the desire to experience education outside of Europe and has now found herself enjoying a wide variety of modules that few universities outside of Southeast Asia cover.  


She praised NUS’ academics greatly, saying the lecturers were highly passionate about their subjects, that the modules were “really, really good”, and that the range of modules on offer to her, including Malay studies, Arabic, Gender Studies and Islam, and South Asia in Singapore have let her experience academia outside of Psychology – her subject at King’s. She was definitely happy with doing a year-long exchange, and noted it was much easier than she thought it would be to adjust to living in Singapore. 


Hanna also noted that the variety of orientation events, society meetings, and campus nature of the university was a major plus, as it let her easily get involved in NUS and its culture. In fact, there were some things, such as Tchoukball Society, which she had never even heard of before going to NUS, and she was impressed by the variety of cultural, religious, and interest societies available on campus. Some of her accommodation hallmates even took a volunteering trip to the Himalayas! The campus felt alive in her experience and always had something exciting going on that she could visit, whether a food court or a small business stall run by students, or various employer events and career festivals. 


Outside of university, Hanna has so far visited Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, and encourages students to take advantage of Singapore’s location and “travel, travel, travel” as much as possible. Before she leaves Singapore, once her assignments are complete, she plans to use the next holiday period to visit Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan, and further explore Singapore.