KCL: The Place to Be – Monica Gu

I decided to study abroad in a large city like London because I wanted to learn to be independent. And in many ways, I definitely did: I explored on my own, I cooked for myself (not very successfully or frequently, but it happened!), and I got acclimated to a new place without my usual and …

Living in London: My Love for Bridges, Museums, and TfL – Monica Gu

Being able to study in the center of London was an experience that I will forever appreciate. The city has it all: any kind of cuisine you can think of, any kind of shop you could ever need, and a million sights to see. Being central is crucial, and King’s provided that experience perfectly.

An American Studying Modern European History in Europe – Monica Gu

From the beginning, I knew I wanted to study abroad in Europe. The plan fit well with my areas of interest at my home university: in the US, I’m majoring in history with a specialization in modern European history and in political science with a specialization in international relations.

A New Year in A New Place: My First Weeks in London – Monica Gu

I spent the night of January 1st on a flight from New York to London, ready to begin a months-long experience that I was both incredibly excited and incredibly nervous about.

A month-long tour from a 190-year-old local – Daniel Erasmus

When I had finally decided to study in London, I wanted to enroll at a university ingrained in the culture and experience which the city stands to offer. Studying abroad is as much an academic experience as a life experience, and I didn’t want to spend the next 5 months locked in a library in …