Finding Accommodation Abroad (Part 1)

We know many of you are worried about finding accommodation for a single semester abroad, so we asked Peer Advisors Raza and Emily (who both went through it!) about their experience and what advice they’d share. First up is Raza…

For my study abroad experience, I went to the National University of Singapore and I had the most fantastic time! In the months prior to studying abroad, I was super worried about accommodation. If that feeling is resonating with you, fear no longer and keep on reading! Hopefully this post should ease some of those tensions…

As my semester abroad was taking place in semester 2, I needed to find London accommodation for semester 1 only. At the end of my first year, I began to look for private accommodation on a rolling contract, meaning that I could leave my accommodation at my convenience with 1 months’ notice. This is something which I recommend other outgoing students to consider. It could be student accommodation or private accommodation. Looking back, I would try to secure a spot at King’s Residences for 1 semester only. You could liaise with other study abroad students and perhaps buddy up, through groups such as KCL Flatmate Finder on Facebook which is something else I considered. If you are looking at private accommodation in London and unsure of its legitimacy you can always reach out to KCL Money and Housing Advice. I have used them before and they are extremely supportive!

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Meera Ved, 2011-12, National University of Singapore

10 ways studying abroad enhanced my degree

I’m pretty sure all new Geography undergraduates will have sat through a ‘What is Geography?’ lecture at some point in their academic lives. After my semester abroad at the National University of Singapore I don’t think I would be able to sit through such a talk without screaming out ‘Studying abroad’. Taking part in a student exchange encompasses the discipline throughout.

The language of study in Singapore is English so there were no language barriers plus my grades counted as credits towards my degree so I did not elongate the time taken to complete my degree. Here are ten ways various experiences and opportunities gained through studying abroad enhanced my Geography degree. Even though Geography is awesome I do note not everyone studies it at university…some reflections highlight the advantages of studying abroad for any degree and are not Geography or language specific at all

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Sarah Marechal, 2013-14 at National University of Singapore

I reached Singapore last January for a four-month exchange programme and actually stayed there for nine very enriching months! Many thanks to both King’s and NUS for offering me this great experience!

Travelling abroad is a chance and so is studying! I think that going on a university exchange genuinely empowered me to explore different ways of learning and develop new interests. I was really lucky to meet people willing to tell me more about what they have achieved, their culture, their lives and about their passions.

Just when starting university, there are a lot of new opportunities to which you will be exposed. If I can think of two pieces of advice they would be the following. Firstly, make sure that you take what you want out of that new experience and be curious! I personally enjoyed myself as much in a classroom Continue reading “Sarah Marechal, 2013-14 at National University of Singapore”

Stine Madsen, 2012-2013, National University of Singapore

Top Ten things

Stepping outside Changi Airport, the hot and humid air hits you like a brick wall.  I signed up for accommodation without air-conditioned certain that my body would eventually adapt to the new climate… I am wiser now, believing that even the Singaporeans are struggling to deal with the heat.  Now, back in grey and gloomy London I dream of those hot and sunny days in this densely populated city-state.  I have recommended 10 things that are must dos while on exchange in Singapore.

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