My Semester at UC Berkeley – Victoria Baines

I’ll admit straightaway that my reason for choosing to study in California could be boiled down to the appeal of being on the beach for six months. I knew that if I couldn’t get into my top choice campus, at the very least I could reconcile myself a few months of sun. Luckily, I did …

The King of my Heart – Jayne Ong Zu Hua

A semester of study abroad at King’s College London was an easy choice for me. The stories shared by my brother about studying in London, coupled with the testimonials by my friends about King’s College London in particular had me sold. Thus when I was presented with the opportunity to have my exchange at KCL, …

London, the Everlasting Gobstopper – Jayne Ong Zu Hua

London is a bustling city with a character of its own. Having heard much stories from my brother who spent three years there, I was bursting with excitement when it was my turn to explore this city during my Study Abroad semester.

Following my heart at King’s – Jayne Ong Zu Hua

King’s College London (KCL) is one of the most prestigious universities in the world and had much to offer to its international students.

Getting comfortable in my new home – Jayne Ong Zu Hua

“Ma, I’m in London.” I sent the text to my mother right after my plane touched down at London Heathrow Airport. As I put away my phone and gathered my things to get off the plane, I struggled to suppress the sense of loneliness welling inside me. I may already be 21 years old but …