Width vs Depth – Daniel Erasmus

In the US, I major in English and Economics. I count myself lucky to have experienced the liberal arts system, which has allowed me to explore all my academic interests. However, in coming to King’s, I suspected that width could potentially come at the cost of depth. While British undergraduate degrees seem to have less scope than their American counterparts, I believed they would allow for more thorough analysis and include modules set in a deeper
context within their respective fields. With this in mind, I wanted my time at King’s to supplement the range of my liberal arts training with new academic rigor. Continue reading “Width vs Depth – Daniel Erasmus”

Why Study Abroad at King’s? – Maria Clara Cobo Ordonez

As an international student in Boston, people often asked me why I wanted to go to another country for a semester if I was already abroad. And although I knew there was a reason for me wanting to do so, I couldn’t quite put a finger on it. So five months ago I packed my belongings and my spirit of adventure into one suitcase, and came to study in London. During this time, I have found so many reasons for wanting to come to King’s College. Continue reading “Why Study Abroad at King’s? – Maria Clara Cobo Ordonez”