Why KCL? – Zhinan Zhang

So why study at KCL? No matter you’re a student looking for pre-professional experience or someone who is into academic research or field study. KCL is one of the most prestigious and flexible academic institution in the UK that will help you pursue what you are after.

For someone like me, wanting to study abroad and experience what a day in the life in London is like, KCL was a perfect choice for me to not only have a  stimulating academic experience, but KCL also provided me an excellent opportunity to travel due to its proximity to Europe and the Middle East. I was able to travel to countries like Turkey and Denmark, which was never a consideration for me back in California.

In addition, discovering what it’s like to be a British student is quite an eye-opening experience, having the support not only from Global Mobility, but other studies abroad students alongside, my past few months at KCL was exhilarating. Also, there are many societies and clubs available at KCL, and this can help you further integrate yourself into the school and make more British friends that have common interest as you do. For example, I have joined the investment society as part of my pre-professional and networking experience in London.

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