The Heart of London – James Patterson

There is a cliche that sometimes you can’t see the elephant because you are standing too close to see the bigger picture, however that sentiment could not be more accurate in describing King’s College on the Strand. It was only until I started visiting other areas and places in London that I realized how central Kings is. They are in the heart of London, with each street acting as
an artery for adventure, exploration and memories. Continue reading “The Heart of London – James Patterson”

Living London: Terrific Tales and Divine Dines – Zoe Kaplan

I’d heard the cliché numerous times before heading on a plane out of JFK Airport: “London is just like New York City!” Many of my friends were going abroad to countries with vastly different languages, school systems, customs, and ways of life; I was going to a place that was basically the same as the city closest to home. Continue reading “Living London: Terrific Tales and Divine Dines – Zoe Kaplan”

On Food: An Unexpected Treat – Jack Josephy

I love London for many reasons. Public transportation is cleaner and more hi-tech than in New York, so traversing the city is surprisingly easy (not at all a sticking point of culture shock). The pace matches that of Manhattan – which, to many, may seem frightening – yet the atmosphere is one of interconnected neighborhoods, promoting a far less suffocating experience. Continue reading “On Food: An Unexpected Treat – Jack Josephy”