No Such Thing As A Dull Day- Ainsley Stanczak

A major benefit of King’s College London is the its central London location. The campuses have a fair spread so in making use of the different campuses, libraries, and fitness centers you get a chance to get to know central London well.

Why study abroad at King’s? – Claudia Pou

King’s was one of the few schools where I could actually study alongside other students in the university, rather than with other Americans in a program for study abroad students. I wanted challenging academics at a well-renowned school, with an international student body which would expose me to new ideas and cultures.

Why King’s? – Lillian Miller

Attending King’s College London not only provides students with a great education but also provides a unique opportunity to experience London with many benefits that are normally too expensive for students. Living in the heart of London, having amazing professors, getting access to a gym, free coffee, meeting royals. All these were only possible for …

A month-long tour from a 190-year-old local – Daniel Erasmus

When I had finally decided to study in London, I wanted to enroll at a university ingrained in the culture and experience which the city stands to offer. Studying abroad is as much an academic experience as a life experience, and I didn’t want to spend the next 5 months locked in a library in …