Why study abroad at King’s? – Claudia Pou

King’s was one of the few schools where I could actually study alongside other students in the university, rather than with other Americans in a program for study abroad students. I wanted challenging academics at a well-renowned school, with an international student body which would expose me to new ideas and cultures.

Not only have I enjoyed being in classes with international students, I have also made friends with several in my classes. These friendships have been so fun because my friend here are so different from my American friends at home—it’s been interesting learning about their different cultures, world views, and outlooks on life. These friendships are not only rewarding in themselves, but they’ve helped me experience London from a local’s perspective. It’s through them that I had some of my favorite experiences, doing activities and going to restaurants and galleries I wouldn’t find on a touristy list online. I might be biased, but students from other London schools have told me King’s students especially amazing. I met several students from other universities who said they deliberately hang out near the King’s campus because they find the students the perfect mix of intelligent and fun. 

King’s campus is also perfect location for exploring London. Right across the bridge, walking to campus from most residences is a beautiful view on the water. The Strand campus is close to fun areas like Covent Garden and Oxford Street, which make getting meals or exploring before or after class with friends especially easy. The King’s academics are strong but not too overwhelming that you won’t have time to explore the city, and even though the classes are large the professors are quite accessible and willing to meet individually about questions. My foodie, hyperactive, biracial New Yorker self wanted a change from the homogeneous, rural culture of small-town Maine, where I had been going to school for two years. King’s satisfied all these expectations and more, and I can’t wait to return to London in the future.

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