Life in the heart of London- Claudia Pou

Coming into study abroad I thought I’d mostly be participating in traditional British activities like watching football games in pubs.

While I’ve enjoyed exploring British culture, my favorite memories at King’s have been exploring London’s many culturally diverse neighborhoods: eating traditional Trinidadian food at a hole-in-the-wall in Brixton, dancing at a Jamaican dancehall party in Shoreditch, and scream-singing along to my favorite Spanish songs at a Reggeaton night in Camden. London has shown to be the best of both worlds: a place with distinct culture, but also the presences of many other flourishing cultures from all around the world. 

I especially enjoyed London’s multiculturalism through eating food from all around the world. I’m a huge foodie, and nearly all the money I spent in London was on food. I especially loved street food markets, where I could try different prepared foods without the steeper prices of restaurants (and mooch off all the samples). Borough Market and Camden Market were especially good for this—I highly recommend Borough’s honey and olive oil, and the chicken malai roti at Camden market! For restaurants, I can’t recommend the fried french toast with matcha ice cream at Shakfuyu more. It sounds weird, but it’s the most heavenly combination on earth—the buttery, squishy center, the crispy toast edge with kinako crumbs, the cool tang of the matcha ice cream all come together in what is the most delightful and unusual tasting and sensory experience. 

Regardless of what your niche is in London, it is truly a city with something for everyone. Although food was my main focus of exploration, it has many free art galleries, shopping venues, gardens, concerts, and more. 

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