No Such Thing As A Dull Day- Ainsley Stanczak

A major benefit of King’s College London is the its central London location. The campuses have a fair spread so in making use of the different campuses, libraries, and fitness centers you get a chance to get to know central London well.

I found myself opting for the 25-minute walk from my flat to class over speedier public transport; I found it lovely to walk across the river and routinely amused in the afternoon as I watched tourists photograph absolutely everything, as I do on my own holidays. ON very rainy, windy, or cold days both the tube and multiple bus routes were easily accessible from my dorm to make my way to class. For daily public transport use I recommend looking into the Student Oyster card as it provides discounts on monthly or weekly travel cards; however, a regular Oyster card suffices if the plan is to walk to class most days. London’s public transport system makes everything accessible to explore metropolitan London either alone or with friends!

I met more King’s students by going to KCL bars and KCLSU events. Beyond King’s, London always has something going on. My friends and I have great memories exploring the various markets, like Borough and Camden, vintage shopping, exploring the many free museums, and experiencing London’s expansive night life. As I had already visited the city a few times, I had already visited most of the tourist attractions. This opportunity at King’s allowed me to explore more outside of the guide books including, for example, the large park and cemetery in Hampstead Heath, the history of East London and Spitalfields market, going to a football match, and so much more off of the beaten path. Studying for a full term at KCL provides the opportunity to visit both the tourist spots as well as experience the city more like a local. Taking chances on places I hadn’t heard of was always good fun. Needing a weekend away? London has four airports, all accessible through different trains, with many reasonably priced flights to virtually anywhere in Europe. London is great place to explore; a modern city with incredibly interesting history exciting modern experiences with more opportunities available than time. Unsure on what to see in London? Free walking tours and online guides and itineraries can help you craft some fantastic memories from you time in London with KCL.


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