King’s College Study Abroad, Yes Please – Ainsley Stanczak

King’s is a fantastic institution in which to study abroad, especially if you seek to gain independence during your experience. London, obviously, is a wonderful city in which to live with easy access to virtually all types of activity on offer, food not available at ‘home,’ people from all over the world, and so many more fun experiences to find. I found it ideal to be in a city that is so young and busy while simultaneously boasting so much history around every corner.

Beyond life in the city of London, King’s study abroad program truly allows students to experience life and schooling in the UK. As the study abroad program is quite large, I highly recommend attending all of the orientation events you can, getting peoples’ numbers, joining societies or sports, and generally putting yourself out there to find the people with whom to experience this new adventure.

King’s is not a school that coddles or holds hands throughout the term. This is not to say that students aren’t given the tools to succeed; rather, students simply have to use the tools provided to excel in courses while having fun in the program. I recommend studying abroad at King’s because the program provides an immersive experience into studying in the UK. The location of the school allows you to really experience living in London. The academics at King’s across all departments is exceptional. The study abroad program is large, so you have a lot of people you can meet and explore London with. King’s College London is a well-rounded school at which to study that provides many tools to ensure a memorable and successful experience in this amazing country.



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