Attending King’s College London not only provides students with a great education but also provides a unique opportunity to experience London with many benefits that are normally too expensive for students. Living in the heart of London, having amazing professors, getting access to a gym, free coffee, meeting royals. All these were only possible for me because of King’s.

Academically, King’s is very strong across every department. Professors are leaders in their fields while simultaneously available and eager to answer questions and give advice. The courses offered are interesting and there is a great balance between class time, readings, assignments, and free time. Additionally, King’s provides great spaces to study and hang out with friends. There are multiple cafes and designated study rooms around campus. The cafe at the top of Bush House has an amazing view of the London Eye, Big Ben (when it’s not being renovated) and the city.

For physical activity, King’s keeps everyone on their toes.

Whether you want to work out in a gym, attend group classes, or participate in organized sports, King’s Sport has everything.

My favorite part of King’s Sport is their MOVE program, which awards you points for steps then sees participants redeem those points for different rewards: a water bottle, a t-shirt, a personalized gym program, or my personal favorite, a free hot drink at any King’s cafe.

King’s is connected with so many organizations that the university is a hotspot for great events, discussions, debates, and royal visits. In the span of two weeks, there were three royal visits. The Duchess of Sussex came to be a panelist on International Women’s Day, the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge opened Bush House, the newly renovated academic building, and Prince Harry visited a King’s hospital for veterans’ mental health. Additionally, I had the opportunity to attend a debate between an Israeli embassy worker and a Palestinian representative. I also attended a lecture by a popular tour guide who gives “uncomfortable” tours at British museums that focus on the dark histories of certain paintings and artifacts on display. The tours normally sell out very quickly so being able to attend this lecture was amazing.

Socially, King’s has so many students from all over the world which makes classes and socializing very interesting. People are very friendly and as a study abroad student, you are able to do touristy things and travel with new people which is a fun way to explore wherever you are. The student-run bars are also great for after class or essay celebrations.

I loved all that King’s offered and strongly recommend the experience to others!

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