The Class that Could Have Never Been – James Patterson

Empires and Imperialism in the Modern World was my favourite and most exciting class. However, how I chose the class was mostly by chance. I needed a class that would transfer back to my home institution in history.

Academic benefits of studying at King’s- Lillian Miller

The main reason I chose to study abroad at King’s was because of the University’s location within Europe, the UK, and London. I am a history major with a focus on European Empires so I wanted to learn about imperialism from the perspective of one of the most historically significant empires in history and, due …

Academic benefits of studying at King’s- Kim Lifton

While most children outgrow their love for The Chronicles of Narnia or bed time stories about King Arthur, I never did. Instead, I turned from fictional children’s literature to medieval studies.

“I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it” (As You Like It): Shakespeare’s London in London – Zoe Kaplan

One of the reasons I chose King’s College was for its Shakespeare’s London course. I have loved Shakespeare since I first performed in A Midsummer Night’s Dream as a fourth grader.