Where the Magic Happens: Living in the Heart of Central London – Alida White

One of my favorite things about King’s College is its location right in the middle of central London. I loved being able to step outside and be greeted by the everyday hustle and bustle of city life. Each morning I would walk across Waterloo Bridge to get to my classes and that walk, framed by …

My Lessons in Shakespeare and Brexit – Alida White

Studying in London was an obvious choice for me because of my academic interest in early modern theater. I wanted a university that would foster my passions, and King’s strong humanities programs made sure that that’s exactly the experience I got.

Why Study Abroad at King’s? – Alessandra Viegas

I decided to study abroad at King’s College after much deliberation about studying abroad at all. In contemplating whether or not I was going to study abroad my junior year, I was worried that my rigorous academics at Wesleyan and my commitments outside of class would be compromised if I decided to spend the semester …

Thoughts from an English Major: Overview of my Four Modules at King’s- Rebecca Tseng

I am a literature major, so I was super excited to study in a city with a long legacy of celebrated authors. At King’s, I registered for two English Literature modules: “First World War Literature” and “US Slavery and the Literary Imagination.”

Stepping into the City: Looking Back at my First Week at King’s – Rebecca Tseng

I arrived in central London with my whole semester packed in two suitcases and listening to the chaotic hubbub of the city streets, I felt both excited and overwhelmed. London is one of the most iconic places in the world and I wanted to make the most of my time here.