Why Study Abroad at King’s? – Alessandra Viegas

I decided to study abroad at King’s College after much deliberation about studying abroad at all. In contemplating whether or not I was going to study abroad my junior year, I was worried that my rigorous academics at Wesleyan and my commitments outside of class would be compromised if I decided to spend the semester at another school. However, as my sophomore year progressed, I realized that my decision not to go abroad was also motivated by fear of the unknown, and I decided to take a leap and apply to King’s College.

As an English and American Studies double major, I was shocked to find a program that satisfied requirements for both of my majors, especially because I was able to satisfy a course requirement for American Studies and two requirements for English while at King’s. In addition to my academia, and as theatre lover and playwright, I knew London was the right place for me in a cultural and extra-curricular sense.

Studying abroad at King’s College was the perfect mix between getting to experience a new city and continuing my studies. While seeing one show at week (either on the West End or at the National Theatre) I was still able to make time to visit London’s museums, markets, and keep up with my readings. While adjusting to the new academic system with fewer assessments accounting for larger portions of my final grade, I made sure to attend my professor’s office hours and send emails with any questions. Not only were my professor excited to talk about the material outside of class, but they also always took interest in my experience as a study abroad student and inquired about my time in London and suggested ways to integrate my studies from King’s once I returned at Wesleyan.

The moments I look back on when I think about studying abroad are excursions and activities I didn’t even plan on having before coming to London. Some of these activities included ice skating at Somerset House, seeing a King’s production of Much Ado About Nothing, and going to the countless Christmas markets around London after class throughout the holiday season. Studying abroad at King’s College allowed me to have an experience that enriched me both academically. These moments could not have been possible without my connection to King’s.

Students who are interested in keeping up with their studies and making meaningful connections with their professors while having access to opportunities for seeing theatre, traveling, and getting in touch with London’s culture should consider King’s College. Even if you’re not actively looking into study abroad, the opportunities available at King’s College might change your mind, I know it did for me.

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