Meet your Peer Advisor: Andrew!

We have four brand spanking new Peer Advisors to help both incoming and outgoing Study Abroad students this academic year! If you’ve got a question for them, pop along to their office hours.

Andrew will be in K0.57 on Monday afternoons from 2-4

Hello everyone! My name is Andrew – I’m one of four global mobility peer advisors this year.  

I’m in my final year of my BA International Relations degree, and studied abroad at the University of Hong Kong from 2022-3. 

In return for taking on some small challenges, studying abroad afforded me some incredible, unique, and rewarding experiences that I recommend everyone to have during their university. I was able to join countless societies at HKU, experience local dormitory/hall life, study politics from a different country’s perspective, choose multiple fascinating modules both related to, and separate from, my degree, and make friends –local and international – who I’m still in touch with now. Studying abroad, especially in Hong Kong, also gave me amazing opportunities to travel – I was able to easily visit Mainland China, Macau, Japan, and Vietnam. I’m sure that with Covid restrictions completely lifted, if you study abroad, your travel options will be even more diverse. 

Mask wearing was very strict in HK
Views from up high
City lights

London is a fantastic city to study abroad in. I’m sure you will visit all the normal sites like Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly, Oxford Circus, and so on, but I’d recommend to you 3 less-trafficked places of in London that I think are well worth a visit. The London Mithraeum is an Roman-era temple in London dedicated to Mithras, an Iranian, and later Roman, God. It’s free to visit, immerses you in the Roman experience, and displays religious artifacts from that time. It’s only a 10-minute tube ride from King’s! The Golden Hinde is a reconstruction of a British ship from the 1500s which circumnavigated the world. Just a stone’s throw away from there is Borough Market – in my opinion, one of the best places to get food in all of London, alongside the South Bank.  

London is well-known for its role as a global financial and legal hub. If you’re interested in law, business, and so on, I highly recommend a visit to the City of London and Canary Wharf to see the headquarters of some of the world’s largest companies and some incredible architecture. 

I’m sure questions will emerge as you get started on your academics at King’s. If you need help, feel free to speak to me in my office hours or contact the Global Mobility Office, and we will advise you and point you in the right direction.  

I wish you all the best in exploring the varied and exciting courses on offer at King’s. Have a great semester!