Top 3 Reasons You Should Study Abroad at King’s College London – Rebecca Tseng

I loved my time at King’s, and I would definitely recommend for all study abroad students to consider applying! Going into the semester, I was nervous—after all, you can only study abroad once—but it turned out to be a decision I will never regret. Here are my top three reasons why you should consider KCL for your semester abroad.

  1. The People

One of the best parts about KCL is how it actively fosters a diverse campus—more than 40% of King’s students are international students. I loved meeting people from all over the world through my modules. KCL is also a progressive campus that is aiming to better represent their students. During Students’ Union election cycle, I was struck by how passionately students advocated for policies and procedures they believed in. King’s study abroad program and King’s dorms also regularly hold fun activities and study breaks so that you can hang out with new friends and detox from any academic stress.

  1. The City

KCL’s campus is directly integrated into London, which means you can literally step outside the doors into the center of the city. Walking to class never fails to be exciting—plus, it’s super convenient to grab a quick breakfast on the way to school. London never runs out of fun activities, but if you’re hoping to travel, London is also a central site for international flights – most airports are an hour away by public transportation and you’ll be able to find amazing flight deals.

  1. The Academics

Walking to class or the library, you’ll find yourself reading the KCL posters around campus of King’s alumni who made world-changing contributions such as Virginia Woolf and John Keats (I’m an English major so I’m OMG at these two…scroll through the “List of King’s College London alumni” on Wikipedia to find your cup of fangirl tea.) You’ll be reminded that it’s their footsteps you’re walking in—and I can tell you, it’s both intimidating and inspiring. Not to mention you’ll also be learning from professors who are contemporary experts in their field. King’s academic work will challenge you, but it’ll also be fun, and you’ll learn a lot. At KCL, surrounded by people who are passionate about what they study, I was constantly reminded of why I love my major.

From the world-leading academics to the huge libraries of resources to the fantastic faculty, professors, and students, King’s friendly campus welcomes you from day one. Thank you King’s College London for one of the best semesters of my life!


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