Settling in at the Strand and Exploring London – Alessandra Viegas

The first couple of weeks of studying abroad at King’s were a whirlwind of meeting fellow King’s students, getting acquainted with the Strand campus, and exploring London.

Studying abroad in London was my first time being far from home, given that I am an hour and a half away from New York City when I am on Wesleyan’s campus in Middletown, Connecticut. Despite this difference in location, the vibrant energy of London and the welcoming environment of King’s College allowed me to fully enjoy my first few weeks abroad and avoid any feelings of homesickness.

Living in the Stamford Street apartments was one of the best parts of being at King’s. The central location to the Strand campus coupled with its proximity to the National Theatre and the London Eye made the Stamford Street Apartments an ideal location for tourism and getting to class on time with a beautiful walk across the Waterloo Bridge. Although I was in a block with other study abroad students from America, King’s College RC’s organized events that allowed me to meet other students living in the same area. The proximity of the strand to the Waterloo gym, the Strand Campus, and the heart of London made the Stamford Street apartments campus an ideal location.

With my modules just beginning and free time on my hands, I was able to do some exploring. One of my first trips was to Borough Market. Living in New York City, I had been to a few markets before, but never on this scale or with this amount of character. Within my first few days at King’s, we decided to go to Borough Market to celebrate arriving in London and my friend Zoë’s birthday. Borough Market’s size and array of food options ranging from homemade jams and cheeses to paella and authentic pasta, made it easy to spend hours walking around the market to make the perfect choice for lunch. Over the course of my stay in London, we ventured back to Borough Market multiple times on one occasion and even rented bikes to make the trip from the market to our dorms.

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