Highlights of Living in London – Rebecca Tseng

Studying abroad in London was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Everyday, I woke up feeling incredibly lucky to live and attend university right in the heart of London.

The Strand Campus, where all my modules were held, borders on the River Thames and is just a short stroll from Convent Garden, Piccadilly Circus, and Chinatown. London’s shops, restaurants, and pubs are open late, and the streets are well lit in populated areas. One of the most surprising—and best—aspects of London was just how walk-able it was! London may look intimidating on the map, but it’s easy to navigate, both by foot and by the tube. Many days, I enjoyed taking my time to absorb the city. I loved wandering the streets, sitting peacefully on a park bench, and just simply watching the busy city around me.

London has something for everyone, and there’s always something to do. There’s always a festival to attend, a show to watch, or a restaurant to try. My favorite activities are exploring the cafes, markets, and parks. The most popular markets such as Borough Market, Camden Market, and Old Spitalfields Market are absolute must-visits, but I also found myself stumbling upon lanes all around the city filled with food trucks and stalls selling delicious arrays of street food. If you’re a foodie, you’re going to love London.

I lived in an en-suite at Stamford Street Apartments, which was my first choice because of the housing prices and how close it is to Strand Campus—just a 10-minute walk across Waterloo Bridge! I also loved that a King’s gym and library were right by the apartment. Before arriving, I wasn’t completely sure what an “en-suite” was, and it turned out to be a lovely dorm-sized room with my own toilet and shower. My favorite part of the room was the window looking over the city skyline.  I loved opening my window at night to watch and listen to the city breathe. London is a beautiful city and as the semester is ending, I can’t help but already look forward to my next trip back!

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