This photo was taken right before sunset on Waterloo Bridge. It is significant to me because I had to walk along this bridge every day for class and I would always be in awe of the gems of London. The skyline along the River Thames is incredible and something that ignites such a passion in me for the city.

After lots of reflection, I genuinely feel that my college experience did not truly start until I began studying at King’s.

Not only did this program allow me to meet local English students, but it also introduced me to passionate students from around the globe. King’s College London has been a hands-on environment for intellectual growth and an opportunity to explore the medical realm from a unique cultural perspective. This experience allowed me to go outside my comfort zone and to learn to make new friends who are quite amazing. When you study abroad, your mind is opened far wider than you ever thought possible. No one tells you that you will not just learn about London, but that you will learn about yourself as well. King’s College London was the perfect place for me to grow as a human-being, student, and as a future physician. I will always look back on my experiences fondly and can wholeheartedly say that 2019 has been one of the best years of my life.

To anyone considering studying at King’s—do it. Your mind will open, your life will change, and your heart will fiercely love one of the best cities in the world.


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