This picture was taken at the top of the London Eye. In this moment, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of London and grateful for the opportunity I was given to study abroad. Throughout my time in London, I have been able to see so much and deeply explore the city.

I have visited Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and so many more tourist spots. My proximity to Oxford Street allowed me to shop for unique looks and learn more about British fashion. One of the best things about London is that all the museums are free. I have had such a great time visiting places such as the British Museum, the National Galley, and the Victoria & Albert Museum. For an epic view of London, I have gone to the tenth floor of the Tate Modern museum and have also seen the beautiful greenery at Sky Garden. Of all the places in London I have been to, my favorite would have to be Chinatown. The plethora of amazing food and dessert options have been astonishing and are my go-to for a late-night snack. The energy and cultural melting pot that exists there is truly unparalleled.

London really is the basepoint of Europe. By studying in London, I have been able to become a global citizen. I have traveled to 12 new cities around Europe and within the United Kingdom. By immersing myself in new languages and cultures, I got a glimpse of the European lifestyle— vibrant and relaxed. I learned how important it is for humans to travel the world and to see how different (yet similar) we are.

Studying abroad has been a life changing experience and I would not trade it for anything.

I truly believe that to explore London is to explore the world.

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