Why King’s? – Lillian Miller

Attending King’s College London not only provides students with a great education but also provides a unique opportunity to experience London with many benefits that are normally too expensive for students. Living in the heart of London, having amazing professors, getting access to a gym, free coffee, meeting royals. All these were only possible for …

Life in the heart of London – Kim Lifton

Boots deep in the mud of the Cambridge Canal, we pushed the boat off just as the sun began to rise. It was another 7 a.m. on a weekend and the King’s College London Boat Club was just beginning their first race at a regatta in Cambridge.

Living in the heart of London- Elizabeth Franclemont

Living in London for the past four months have been magical, prior to arriving I had thought quite a bit about my traveling experiences and any hopes or goals that I had for this journey.

Tasting the World in London – Maria Clara Cobo Ordonez

There’s something magical about a giant glass canopy that is home to a place that brims with artisan cheeses, fresh-baked pastries, smelly fish and colorful produce. A place where you can literally taste the world, all under one roof. This place exists in London and, for the past five months I was beyond fortunate to …