Harisa Ashraf, 2014-2015 at University of Toronto, Mississauga Campus

Top 10 things

1. Proximity to Niagara Falls

A real advantage of UTM’s location is that, as well as being close to downtown, it is also closer to Canada’s best known landmark, Niagara Falls. Its proximity to the falls means that there are frequent trips there organised by societies.

2. Free shuttle to Toronto

One of the most useful campus facilities at UTM is the free shuttle which links it to Downtown Toronto. The fact that there’s one every 20 minutes means that transportation to the city really isn’t a problem and students can enjoy the benefits of the city just as much as those located at the central St George campus.

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Zoe Fitzgerald, 2013-2014 at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Top Ten Things

1. The people: As cliche as it sounds, I met people whilst I was away that I know I will be great friends with forever. From my suitemates, to people you see once walking to class, everybody is SO friendly and welcoming. Sharing a room and living with 7 other girls was really fun, and there was never a chance for you to feel homesick or lonely because there were always people about. Being British seems to make people even more friendly, as soon as they hear the accent they will not want you to stop talking. Also, people are eager to welcome you into their homes for holidays like Thanksgiving and their families are just as welcoming – Southern hospitality is definitely a thing at UNC. Travelling and experiencing everything with the friends you meet will make you really close. Making friends with so many people is great for holidays after you come back too – free accommodation all over the world
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Stine Madsen, 2012-2013, National University of Singapore

Top Ten things

Stepping outside Changi Airport, the hot and humid air hits you like a brick wall.  I signed up for accommodation without air-conditioned certain that my body would eventually adapt to the new climate… I am wiser now, believing that even the Singaporeans are struggling to deal with the heat.  Now, back in grey and gloomy London I dream of those hot and sunny days in this densely populated city-state.  I have recommended 10 things that are must dos while on exchange in Singapore.

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Catherine Palethorpe, 2012-2013 at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Weekend activities

Circulo de Bellas Artes: On this rooftop, a hidden gem which is free for students of Carlos III on presentation of a student card, you can find a stunning view of the whole of Madrid. It’s best to go while it’s still warm and just before the sun is setting to see one of the most beautiful sights of Madrid! With a swanky rooftop bar and sunloungers… you certainly won’t feel like you haven’t paid to experience what feels like a VIP setting!

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Joanna Wilson, 2015-2016 at Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich

Top Ten Things: 

1. Try out some ice-cream parlours:

It might seem unlikely, but Munich has some of the best ice-cream parlours in Germany! One of the best and most unusual is Der Verrückte Eismacher (The Crazy Icemaker) which is decorated in an Alice in Wonderland theme and changes its flavours every day. Some of these flavours include beer, rose and champagne or mango and basil. This ice-cream parlour is also conveniently located right next to the main LMU university campus – perfect for a study break!

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