Global Mobility Experience Bursary: Student Success Stories

Rahma Hassan spent her semester abroad at UC Santa Barbara as part of her History degree.

Picture this: a university nestled between the lush Santa Ynez Mountains and the pristine Pacific coastline. That’s the captivating allure of UC Santa Barbara! 

My name is Rahma, and I am pursuing a degree in History and Political Economy. During my second semester, I decided to study abroad at UCSB! 

As I set out on the journey to find the perfect study abroad destination, UCSB beckoned me with its extraordinary charm. Among the prestigious University of California campuses, UCSB stood out due to its renowned academic rigour. UCSB promised a well-rounded and intellectually stimulating experience from delving into Middle Eastern politics to food history. Additionally, the prospect of striking the right balance between academic excellence and a fulfilling social life lured me towards UCSB. 

I also admired UCSB’s cultural diversity and inclusivity. As someone who values cultural exchange and cherishes the opportunity to build meaningful connections with people from various backgrounds, I knew that UCSB would provide the platform to create cherished international friendships. These friendships have broadened my worldview, instilling in me a deep sense of empathy, and understanding for people with different beliefs and values. I felt that this cultural tapestry at UCSB would not only complement my academic pursuits but also enhance my personal growth as a global citizen. 

When I learned about the Global Mobility Experience Bursary (GMEB), I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss. The bursary presented an invaluable chance to delve deeper into the culture and heritage of Santa Barbara. Through various cultural events and activities, I immersed myself in the local way of life, embracing traditions and customs that enriched my study abroad experience. 

As I reflect on my study abroad journey at UCSB and the incredible experiences brought forth by the Global Mobility Experience Bursary (GMEB). UC Santa Barbara has given me not just an education, but also an unforgettable chapter in my life, where I’ve embraced the beauty of nature, nurtured global connections, and expanded my horizons beyond imagination. To those thinking about studying abroad, I highly encourage you to do so! Studying abroad has allowed me truly to uncover the beauty of the world and the richness of the human experience.  

One of the first remarkable experiences that the GMEB facilitated was my visit to the renowned Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. Nestled amidst the breath-taking landscapes of California, this botanical haven captured my heart from the moment I set foot on its enchanting pathways. The garden’s curated collection of plants from diverse ecosystems showcased the region’s rich biodiversity. As I immersed myself in the serenity of the garden, I couldn’t help but marvel at the intricate beauty of each plant. 

Beautiful botanic gardens

Another unforgettable journey made possible by the GMEB was my visit to the quaint Danish-inspired town of Solvang. Stepping into this charming village felt like embarking on a journey back in time, where the seamless blend of traditional Danish architecture and the Californian landscape created a unique and captivating atmosphere.

Clogs, clogs and more clogs!

Strolling through the streets, I indulged in the local cafes and went inside local antique shops which offered a glimpse into the town’s rich history. Additionally, the unexpected adventure at Ostrich Land added a touch of excitement to my journey, as I got up close and personal with these fascinating birds.  

Get close, but not too close!

In conclusion, the Global Mobility Experience Bursary was a pivotal force that enriched my study abroad adventure in countless ways. From the wonders of the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and the charm of Solvang to the intellectual pursuits in the Bay Area, the GMEB opened doors to unforgettable experiences and valuable life lessons. The support provided by the GMEB not only enabled me to explore new destinations but also encouraged personal growth and cultural immersion, leaving me with an experience that will forever shape my outlook on the world.