Settling into King’s was crazy, overwhelming, and exciting. Not only was I struggling with jet lag, but there were also so many things to do.

Orientation was a great experience. The information sessions and campus tours were very helpful and the events that you could sign up for were a great way to explore the city and meet new people. Since all of my classes were at Strand Campus, taking a tour was a great way to learn which building was which and where the cafes/study rooms were. The academic information session was specifically helpful because I learned how to navigate KEATS, submit assignments, view results, and understand the grading scale. Additionally, I loved taking a boat tour of the River Thames, participating in the scavenger hunt, and going to the Top Secret Comedy Club. Through these events, I made new friends and learned about all that King’s and London has to offer students studying abroad for the semester or year to make it a great experience.

If you either are late for signing up for or cannot afford the additional activities then I really suggest asking a flat mate or another student who has been at King’s before about things to do and see. I’ve received a lot of great advice from people I met at my residence’s Tea Talk. For figuring out the academic buildings, the staff who work there are all very kind and do their best to help you locate your class or get where you need to go.

Settling into my residence was stressful. There were so many different things I needed to get and the usual places I go shopping for residence/university things do not exist in London (Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Walmart, and Target). Here are my tips for where to buy things you need for your room, kitchen, and school:

Bedding/Towels/Decorations: Primark, Argos or further out of the city is Ikea

Everything kitchen: Ryan Dyas, Flying Tiger, or Ikea

School supplies: Ryman or the Union Shop (King’s College London’s student union shop)

Drugstores: Boots, Superdrug

Grocery stores: Tesco, Sainsbury, Co-op, Iceland, M&S, Waitrose

Again, asking King’s staff or other students is a great way to learn more about where to find things you need. My last suggestion is to not feel like you need to do so much right when you get to London. You have the whole semester, or the whole year to explore London so take your time and try to participate in orientation events.



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