Why Study Abroad at King’s? – Baudouin Chaar

After all these adventures at King’s college and in London how could I not recommend studying abroad for other students! Seriously, after all the adventures I had, the life changing events that happened to me and the opportunities that allowed me to change and move forward in life were only possible because of my study abroad at King’s.

From a career’s perspective, being one of the best institutions in the world, the connections and opportunities that King’s offer for its students is simply undeniable. From an academic point of view, having the best professors each in their respective fields, King’s college couldn’t be more advantageous for students even if it would be for one semester! For me, having been able to discover fields of study in literature, the questions they raise and which academic debate they are in is tremendously important for any student. It simply boosted my academic outlook and helped me tremendously for my thesis project back home where I was able to use these new texts and ideas to enhance my research project.

From a social perspective, being a university full of students from all part of the world such as China, England, France, the US and many other countries is very challenging and life changing as it forces students to get out of their comfort zone and discover life.

Outside of university, being a city that is cosmopolitan, multicultural and extremely diverse, London offers the best setting for anything a student wishes to discover and experience. One good example is the museums, there are so many different exhibitions for everything that a student can benefit from visiting both for his studies and his own pleasure. Not forgetting that being students, discounts are available for them which makes the access easier and more worth it.

One other thing considering a study abroad is of course, the Nightlife that London offers. As I mentioned the pub crawls and other events I went to, this is an amazing opportunity because there are so many world renowned clubs where one can have fun, meet new people and make lasting friendships. I am mentioning this because it is an important part of London life that if one discovers, he will be able to get a taste of London life that makes this city so unique and exceptional!

Another reason to study Abroad at King’s is the student life of course. Having a KCLSU union and clubs that are very active is an incredible opportunity. There are so many clubs of so many interests such as the philosophy club, student parties club and the classical music club that one can find his interests and meet people who enjoy the same things that will help him engage in his interests and that could possibly lead him towards great opportunities that will boost his career’s path and hopefully his life!


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