Inti Mantripp, Summer 2014 at Tecnologico de Monterrey

What do you study at King’s
Physics and Philosophy BSc

Where did your Global Summer Experience take place?
Tecnológico de Monterrey-Querétaro campus

How did you apply?
Applying was a varied experience. The Study Abroad department at King’s were excellent, and that part was absolutely stress free. The Mexican system takes getting used to!

What was the biggest challenge that you faced on your Global Summer Experience? How did you overcome it?
The biggest challenge was probably having to leave. It was so sad saying farewell to all the awesome people I’d spent time with. I suppose the hardest part other than that was improving my Spanish-but this wasn’t particularly a challenge, simply part of the stay and something fun to do with others.

What was the highlight of your Global Summer Experience?
Every weekend we would visit somewhere new, either through a trip organised by the International Department or something we would do ourselves. They were all excellent and it’s impossible to pick out one. Some of the best were a trip to the beach resort Ixtapa (next to the town of Ziihuatanejo – from Shawshank Redemption) and a weekend spent in Guanajuato though.

How did your Global Summer Experience influence you?
My Spanish vastly improved and I’m more keen to garner skills outside of my specific subject. Personally, I learnt that saying ‘Yes’ to things is nearly always worthwhile. The experience also definitely influenced my palette for the better. Mexican food is the best!

What skills do you think you gained from your Global Summer Experience?
Meeting new people exposes you to new ways of thinking and a new culture, which is always valuable and mind opening. My Spanish improved vastly, I made friends from many different countries and now I am aware of my options available to me in the future.

What advice would you give to others considering a Global Summer Experience?
If you think you’ll enjoy it then just do it. Say yes and throw yourself into something new.

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