A Guide To Switzerland- Oliwia Sobczyk

Switzerland is a unique country on many levels. It is small but rather wealthy, one of the most beautiful and breath-taking places in the whole world and at the same time a centre for banking and insurance companies. It is politically neutral and not a part of European Union but still doing great, which nowadays seems like a phenomenon. Most people know it for its watches, chocolate and cheese. Continue reading “A Guide To Switzerland- Oliwia Sobczyk”

Marianne Forsey, 2012-2013 at Universite de Geneve, Switzerland


One main piece of advice for organising accommodation in Geneva is… get it sorted early! Geneva is a relatively small city and home to many international companies and organisations, which means there is a large influx of international workers and students looking for accommodation.

University accommodation and private halls of residence: I highly recommend applying for halls as they usually provide you with the best deal on accommodation in terms of value for money, location and the added bonus of an instant circle of friends!

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