Bard Takes: A new podcast supported by KCL English Department

What do we really think about Shakespeare? As one of the world’s most iconic writers, we all have certain preconceptions and biases about him and his work which can impact how we watch, read and study them. The Bard Takes Podcast follows a Shakespeare Studies student exploring these preconceptions and the truth behind Shakespeare’s work, with guests including staff and students from King’s College London, Shakespeare’s Globe and beyond.

Join Kitty Muir (a student of Shakespeare Studies) and guests as they explore the many hot takes we have about the ‘immortal Bard’. The Bard Takes podcast explores all the weird and wonderful preconceptions we have about Shakespeare, his life, his work and his characters, and what that means for students, audiences and newcomers to his plays. The podcast is supported by the King’s College London English department.

The first episode of Bard Takes is now live on Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Apple and other locations!


Twitter: @bardtakespod

Instagram: @bardtakespod

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