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King’s English provides a means of sharing current research, ideas and activities in and around the Department of English.  It showcases the department’s distinctive programme of teaching and research collaborations with local institutions, including the British Museum, the British Library, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the National Theatre, and the Museum of London. Our approach is pluralist and outward looking, and we aim to create a community of readers that bridges divisions between specialist and general, creative and academic, historical and theoretical approaches to literature.

The department has grown in recent years to include around 60 academics and writers, and over 100 PhD researchers, who are committed to contemporary directions in literary and cultural studies, from the Anglo-Saxon period to the present day, across a broad sweep of geographical locations and national traditions, genres, styles and media.

You can browse this website by period, or through our research strands:

Visual and Material Culture;

Literature, Medicine and Science;

Gender and Sexuality,

Colonial, Postcolonial and Transnational Culture;

Creative Writing, Life-writing, Performance;

Aesthetics, Philosophy, Theory;

Text History Politics.

We welcome contributions from staff and students who work across English and other departments at King’s, or partner institutions.

Editors, 2023-present: Alexander Giesen, Felix Antelme 

Editors, 2022-2023: Samantha Seto, Alexander Giesen

Editors, 2021-2022: George Kowalik, Graham Fifoot

Editors, 2019-2021: Katie Arthur, Harriet Thompson

Editors, 2017-2019: Fran Allfrey, Diya Gupta

Founding Editors, 2016: Penny Newell, Ella Parry-Davies

with thanks to Professor Gordon McMullan, Dr Elizabeth Eger, Reader Emerita, and Alice Hall, Communications Manager, Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

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Blog posts on King’s English represent the views of the individual authors and neither those of the English Department, nor of King’s College London.

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