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M25 Autumn Meeting: Education 4.0

In mid-November 2019 nearly 60 people attended the Autumn meeting of the M25 Learning Technology Group (#M25LTG) at King’s College London. This event was themed around Education 4.0 and brought together sessions on education surviving industrial revolutions; what Education 4.0 could look like, holographic lecturers and the ‘cold indifference’ of technology. Continue reading “M25 Autumn Meeting: Education 4.0”

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From Conception to Completion: The Digital Education Student Committee

I recall leaving University in 2010 and being faced with nearly one year of unemployment. The fact I had a good 2:1 in BSc Applied Psychology and Sociology and experience on a placement year was clearly not enough, particularly as I graduated soon after the global financial crash. After meeting numerous recruitment agencies, sending my CV’s to what felt like hundreds of companies and applying to various jobs, I finally realised that I did not know how to properly complete application forms, and I did not have enough recent work experience for my CV to make an impact. I was one of many recent graduates that just could not get to the interview stage of a job, yet alone a job. What made my experience slightly more frustrating was that many of my friends who chose to go straight to work, rather than to Universities, were in greater demand than I was. What set us apart, was that they had gained a few more years working experience, and they knew how to sell themselves to potential employers.  Continue reading “From Conception to Completion: The Digital Education Student Committee”

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King’s Business School Education Hub

In May 2019 the King’s Business School launched a KEATS-based bespoke education hub to act as a one-stop central space to support teaching and learning, list key dates and build a vibrant learning community. It responds to concerns that good practice was not being shared effectively, version control of documents was problematic, and there was no repository to support initiatives such as peer review, GTA induction and education strategy projects. The aim is for it to become a powerful vehicle to enhance pedagogic practice, facilitate communication between staff, increase productivity by offering highly efficient and effective tools for educational delivery and share best practice around digital education.

kbs education hub
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Hacking the Future at the CAN Conference: Hackathon 2019

The 2019 ‘Change Agents and Network’ (CAN) Conference hosted by JISC brought academics from the UK (and worldwide) together. The conference was held at the Open University Walton Hall in Milton Keynes, England. The aim of the CAN conference was to understand the ‘evolving landscape of staff-student partnership’. How can technology be used to support the learning experience for students? Part of the Conference was a Student Hackathon.

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The Inbetweeners

Or are we more than that?  The Learning Technologist – Faculty Liaison (FL) role was introduced by CTEL (Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning) in August 2017 to act as a direct liaison with academic faculties and departments. The main aim of the role is to support the management and delivery of multiple projects aimed at both the development of academics’ pedagogic understanding and the practice of technology-enhanced learning. In short, acting as the conduit (inbetweeners) between  faculties/departments and CTEL whilst also improving engagement with key staff members on new initiatives from initiation right through to completion. Continue reading “The Inbetweeners”

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Practical advice on creating accessible online learning opportunities

On the 23rd of September, the UK government brought the EU Web Accessibility Directive into law with a statutory instrument. So, tying in with this recent and upcoming focus on accessibility, I thought it would be useful to share with you some notes and insights from a book I recently read, concentrating on the practical aspects of putting theory into practice. Continue reading “Practical advice on creating accessible online learning opportunities”