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LinkedIn Learning Implementation and Benefits Realisation at King’s College London

Face to face (classroom based) staff and student training and CPD can be both expensive and time consuming. Courses are delivered at fixed times, in fixed locations and offer limited flexibility for those who cannot attend the College physically. The breadth of courses is also limited by resources we have available, and the skills of staff we have delivering them. Courses can quickly become out-dated, as new software versions become available, and internal resources are not updated.    Continue reading “LinkedIn Learning Implementation and Benefits Realisation at King’s College London”

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The Inbetweeners

Or are we more than that?  The Learning Technologist – Faculty Liaison (FL) role was introduced by CTEL (Centre for Technology Enhanced Learning) in August 2017 to act as a direct liaison with academic faculties and departments. The main aim of the role is to support the management and delivery of multiple projects aimed at both the development of academics’ pedagogic understanding and the practice of technology-enhanced learning. In short, acting as the conduit (inbetweeners) between  faculties/departments and CTEL whilst also improving engagement with key staff members on new initiatives from initiation right through to completion. Continue reading “The Inbetweeners”