5 reasons why I love Chemistry

By Olga Tereszkowska-Kaminska, BSc Chemistry


Chemistry is all around us, and understanding chemical processes takes us one step closer to understanding the world. Personally, I believe that Chemistry is for everyone in some way, and studying it will develop you as a person as well as a scientist. Here are 5 reasons which explain why I love this subject so much:



1. It’s a perfect mix

Biology used to be my favourite subject in school, but I soon realised that my real interest lay in delving deeper into explanations underpinning biological processes. I also loved the intricacies of Physics, and how it tries to explain what seems impossible to comprehend. This all lead to me discovering a love for Chemistry, as it is a discipline which seems to combine bits and pieces from all the sciences, while adding its own theories.


2. It’s a common ground

Chemistry is a subject which brings people together from all around the world. You may have had various life experiences and grown up in different cultures, but the Chemistry you learn about is the same.


3. It pushes your thinking

Creativity is extremely important in Chemistry. You’ll need this skill when designing experiments or syntheses, or even just through drawing possible molecules. It’s a field where you have to constantly think creatively about how to overcome problems.


4. It strengthens your resilience

Overcoming problems and having to create new ways to achieve this also builds your resilience and patience. It makes you develop your critical thinking skills and improves how you act in certain situations. I believe that the study of Chemistry betters you as a person, and helps you become who you want to be.


5. It encourages you to keep on fighting! 

Finally, getting something wrong in Chemistry is seen as an opportunity, not a failure. As a chemist, we all have to go through failed experiments, but it’s all about how you pick yourself back up and carry on. It teaches you to never give up.

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