How King’s is supporting my change in career ambitions


From aspiring to become a cosmetic chemist to now wanting to go into digital marketing, it’s safe to say that my career plan has been a rollercoaster over the past few years! I’m grateful for the endless support that King’s has provided in helping find my path, here are a few examples of how:


1. Careers Connect 

My first point of call is King’s Careers Connect, where you can find countless jobs and events that could interest you. Some jobs are exclusive towards King’s students, making it easier to beat the completion! You can use this platform to book appointments with the Careers team – I have found it particularly useful to go over my CV, as well review how I can tailor my CV towards marketing positions, as a chemistry student. This has helped to get through the initial application steps of jobs I have applied for. 


2. Societies 

I have been going to Marketing, advertising and PR society, which has really given me an insight in marketing, as well as increased my knowledge on the many job roles that are available in that sector. 



3. Networking events 

Expanding on the events I found on Careers Connect, I usually would go networking events to get to know the companies that I plan to apply for. This helped me gain tips on the application process and increased my connections on LinkedIn. 


These past few years have really opened my eyes on what career is best suited for me and I plan to use more of the King’s facilities to my advantage. I encourage you to do the same whilst you’re here!

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