Why I chose to study Computer Science

By Nicole, BSc Computer Science

Computer science opens a world that constantly challenges you, and I can never opt out of a challenge. Especially one that equips you with transferable skills to other lines of work, study, life, and most importantly, makes you part of a community that is open-minded and supportive.

When I was choosing the degree I wanted to pursue at university, I was deciding between two things – either finance or mathematics. I have always been mesmerised by mathematics and how you can explain the real world with long formulas, a bit of creative thinking, and a lot of patience. My interest in mathematics developed throughout my high school years when I started reading more about financial mathematics, the markets, and economics. I was curious to know more about the tools that connect these worlds, and that is where Computer Science became part of my journey.

I realised that in the 21st century, there is another field that underpins both finance and maths – computer science. Without it, the rapid advances we see almost ubiquitously today, would never have been possible. It was the perfect middle ground for meit provided concepts and ideas from the theoretical world that can be applied beautifully in practice. I’ve now had almost 2 years experience of daily programming, working on team software projects, and grasping abstract concepts, I would say I very much enjoy studying Computer Science and being a woman in STEM.

One of the most important factors that made me choose to pursue a degree in Computer Science is that it develops your problem-solving, critical thinking, and complex analytical skills. It challenges you every day to think about real-life problems and how to solve them. But it also teaches you that solutions do not come easy and that not everything may be found in a book or online resource. A person should research, collaborate with others, and think about different perspectives until they reach a solution.

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